Did you change your name from MOD Sportswear to MOD Lifewear?

We did! We are enlarging our focus to include comfortable clothes for your every day needs. So we're shaking off the "sportswear" limitations & expanding our products to fit your lifestyle. Because we want to do life with you.

What exactly can I do in a SportSkirt?

The better question is: What can’t you do in a SportSkirt? Seriously. A SportSkirt empowers you to do just about anything and everything: run, swim, walk, cruise, yoga, hot yoga (we’re told it’s completely different than yoga), beach, skydive, rock climb, ride (bike, motorcycle, horse), and lounge.


Can I return or exchange my SportSkirt?

Yes, yes you can. Just click here for more info, or to go right to the returns page, click here. 


Does MOD offer discount on larger orders?

Yes! Honey, we live for bulk orders. Just contact us at cs@modlw.com  – we can get the hook up for your youth group, school team or very, very large family. We’re even able to add your school’s logo to the SportSkirts – making them perfect your athletic team!

(MOQ is just 20 pieces – hardly nothing for even the smallest of groups!)


How long are these SportSkirts?

You can find the size chart on the product page. We did our absolute very best to find the most ideal length our SportSkirts. Here’s the important stuff though:

Ladies Petite skirts are 21″ long.

Ladies Regular skirts are 24″ long.

Ladies Tall skirts are 27″ long.