Spotlight Blog: Dani Shannon from This Modest Life!

Spotlight Blog: Dani Shannon from This Modest Life! - MOD Sportswear

This month we are talking to the beautiful Dani Shannon from "The Modest Life" she is a mom who loves modest fashion and healthy living!

We love all the little motherhood pieces on your Instagram stories, what do you believe are some of the biggest stumbling blocks for mothers today and what are the best ways you’ve found to overcome them?
The biggest stumbling block for moms today I think is having the right balance... between "me" time, kids, husband, and keeping up with the home, etc. I'm still learning to balance things in life, but when my balance gets off things are not as smooth as they could be. I take time for myself when I truly need it, then I can go back to house chores and kids with a better attitude.

So far, what is one of your favorite places to travel to? What is one of your favorite things about traveling? 

How do you structure your days so that you feel most productive?
Favorite places to travel to: Nashville! Although it is only an hour drive there are still lots of things I haven't seen or done. I love traveling first of all for the food! Trying new restaurants and even new dishes is exciting. The sights- because I love taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, especially nature. And lastly, traveling creates wonderful memories to talk about in the future even if the kids don't remember, I'll tell them what fun we had!

How do you structure your days so that you feel most productive?
I feel more productive when I make a plan the night before. I usually go through it in my head. If I have to skip the gym to get what I need done I will, but I'm always glad later.

What is one of your favorite meals to make for your family and how do you prep for meals for the week?
One of our favorite family meals is hibachi chicken and rice. It's simple and easy, also fast if the chicken is already cooked. I add lots of soy sauce, garlic, and vegetables too so it makes a great meal if you're trying to eat clean. I don't meal prep a whole lot just because I prefer my food cooked fresh. But having cooked chicken on hand helps me out a lot! I can easily make tacos, chicken and egg burritos, or our family favorite!

We love watching your videos, and seeing your post about a healthy and active lifestyle, why are health and wellness so important to you?
Staying active is so important to me. Even one-mile walk in my neighborhood I find refreshing and helps me get in the groove to get things done. I got into weight lifting more because of my husband and I'm so glad! Seeing results with more tone and definition in my body gives me serious motivation.

It looks like your son is graduating from Kindergarten in just a couple of days, congratulations to him! How do you as a family celebrate the “little things”?
Isaac just graduated from Kindergarten, you could tell he was so proud! He is one that celebrates the little things. We just enjoy each other's company hanging out outside. Having a picnic under the tree seems to be the kids favorite right now. It's extra special since we don't always get to eat together as a family, so it's a real treat!

What is your best advice for handling criticism?
Handling criticism can be very hard. You have to remember people will always have their opinion, whether it's true or not you most likely will not be able to change their mind. Sometimes you have to "not care" what people think. I've had people criticize my Instagram page and at first, it hurt, but I know I don't do it to make them happy. I do it for me because I enjoy doing it and it makes me happy! However, I do appreciate constructive criticism, if someone shares it in a kind way it is much easier to receive it.

What are your goals for 2019?
Goals for 2019- to deadlift 225 pounds by the end of this year. To be more organized and to teach my kids more work ethic. To memorize more scripture. To be more hospitable. To be a giver. There's much more but I have a few personal ones that are just between me and God.



You can connect with Dani Shannon on Instagram @thismodestlife


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