Mustaches and Muscles, Mamma Mia! Gyms Around the World

Mustaches and Muscles, Mamma Mia! Gyms Around the World - MOD Sportswear

The dumbbell said 10. 10! “These feel awfully heavy for 10 pounds,” I thought to myself as my arm slowly made its way up. I Iooked more closely, 10 KG. I sighed in relief, all of my muscles had not deflated to half their size as a result of vacation. No, this was Italy, and the weights were in kilograms. “Of course,” I laughed to myself. I am weak as is; I did not need vacation taking away all my (very limited) gains.

All around me were mustaches and very high very tight shorts. Every American needs the experience of working out in an Italian gym. Despite the absence of an espresso machine on site, the whole place smells like coffee. People yell “Mamma Mia” right before they drop the weights. The pump-up music is Italian rap, and the ideal beach body looks like the Davide from Florence instead of Sylvester Stallone from New York.

As I thought about whether or not it was worth it to use international data to google how many pounds are in a kilogram, I also began to wonder what gyms are like in different countries. So instead I used my data to do some research, and eventually I made a list of the best gyms around the world. But my list is a little different than you would expect…

Gyms Around The World

World’s Most Stylish Gym

La Belle Équipe (shown below) is a beautifully designed Thai boxing gym located in the center of Paris. The interior design attempts to recreate the aesthetic of an old industrial factory while still maintaining a very comfortable and homey feel. The gym is full of large open spaces for boxing, and while you wait for your lesson, you can have a nice look through their library. Click on this link to see more beautiful pictures of La belle Équipe. This gym is certainly number one on my list of most stylish gyms around the world.

World’s Most Eco-Friendly Gym

The Green Microgym-Belmont‘s slogan says, “A workout is a terrible thing to waste.”This gym, located in Portland, Oregon, uses the energy released from its members’ workouts to power the facility. Here fitness and saving the environment go hand in hand.


World’s Most Record Breaking Gym

“Where legends train,” this is the motto of Bev Francis’s Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY. The facility has had a number of famous body-builders train here, including Jay Cutler and Kai Greene. But nothing tops the fact that the gym is owned by Bev Francis herself, the first woman to ever bench over 300lbs. This gym is for record-breakers!






World’s Most Classic Gym

This gym is 100% classic. It is nothing flashy; it does not have all the bells and whistles, and yet it is completely timeless. This entirely outdoor facility has been going strong (no pun intended) for the last 50 years. It is located on an island on the Dnieper river in Kiev, Ukraine. All the machinery is hand made and rusting over. The gym is one the very few free gyms around the world. The only monthly payment required is a few drops of sweat. It is utterly classic.


World’s Most Unique Gym

The Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym in Tokyo, Japan has put its own spin on the world’s recent rock-climbing trend. The gym claims to have taken what is a very woodsy and rugged sport and applied a very domestic approach to it. Its climbing walls consist of windows, empty picture frames, mirrors, deer heads, and other things important to modern household design. 


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