The Winter Collection By MOD Sportswear

The Winter Collection By MOD Sportswear - MOD Sportswear

A few months ago MOD decided that we loved the idea of bringing you a collection of SportSkirts that flow together while also holding their own!

Tomorrow we will be releasing our collection at 9:00 am CST! Set your alarm ladies!

The Highlander, Midnight Garden ,and Northern Lights will definitely be some of our favorite designs for years to come! 

Northern Lights!

The goal for this SportSkirt was to be dramatic, vivid, and powerful. For leg day at the gym when you need just a little extra push to tackle your goals.
Northern Lights is up for any challenge!


The Highlander!

If you have ever had a chance to visit the Highlands in Scotland you know how breathtaking they are. Beautiful blue skies, strong rolling hills and a natural playground for children and adults. We hope that this SportSkirt will join you on any adventure, even if that just means beating the crowds to Trader Joe's. 


Midnight Garden!

Even on the coldest of days, we know that we have an oasis, a place to rest or recharge. Wherever you find yourself in a coffee shop, a pilates class or relaxing on your couch at home. We want you to have an everyday skirt. Made for comfort, while strong enough for any workout. 

Don't forget this collection releases tomorrow, January 24 at 9:00am CST. 

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