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The Lattes of Sportswear - MOD Sportswear

I used to drink order just plain lattes from Starbucks. They’re creamy, warm, and subtly rich.  Then they came out with Flat Whites – it was like Latte 2.0. New favorite immediately.  Then they came out with Latte Machiattos. And the rest is history. I love it when companies keep pursuing excellence.

The plan with the Classic SportSkirts is the same – stick with the basics but keep pursuing perfection. Before tweaking the Spring line, I asked hundreds of people for feedback. I messaged people. Called them. Texted them. Emailed them. Mildly harassed them. Really, anything to get feedback – anything to make the SportSkirts prettier, more comfortable, more functional. The feedback was then reviewed like 87 times. Thankfully, a lot of people echoed each other.

Here’s some of the feedback that was translated into change:

This announcement has been a LONG time coming! Pleased to announce: Sporty Purple!  It’s a ridiculously fun color. (Purple ended up edging out hot pink solely because of its versatilely and subtlety.) I honestly think this will be a new race favorite for the hard-core runners out there.


It takes just one time of losing your debit card on a 10-mile jog for you to come up with the concept of zippered pockets. The struggle has been too real for too long. The new lined has zippered pockets to keep all cards, keys, and cash secure. 

There are now two lengths for each ladies’ size! One length is still the standard 24″ – the new length is a few inches longer – coming in at 27″. Limited stock on these – swoop in on them when you can!


No one likes to feel dessertish in the middle of a workout, if you know what I’m saying. The rule-of-thumb for the last line was to size up since the waists ran a little small. The new line is more true to size. The waist of every ladies’ SportSkirt has been increased an inch or two.

Waaaaaait, you think, what if you ordered off the old size charts and end up with a skirt that doesn’t fit? No worries! Nothing’s been shipped yet! Review the new size charts. If you think you need to size down, just contact us at and easily change your order.

No need to fret – plenty of stock. Keep in mind, only the elastic waist changed – not the hips, thighs, etc..


We’re doing our part to remove those awkward back scratches in the middle of yoga class. We’ve sneakily moved that pesky tag from the waist to the inside of the skirt – never to be seen or heard of again!


No one screamed the word “Baby!” at me. But I did take the initiative to bring in a handful of baby SportSkirts. (EEK!) Literally a handful. Twelve to be exact. These are designed a little differently than the other SportSkirts – the shorts are longer to keep their little knees covered when they’re crawling. They’re designed for 9-18 months. I positively cannot wait to post some pics of this SportSkirt in action. If you want dibs on one of the 8 (yep, four have already been taken), contact us pronto!

Want to know if you need to change your backorder shipment to a smaller size?  Take a look at this chart. Every skirt size received a bump in waist. Everything else remained the same for the skirts – only the waist measurements changed. Think you want to change your size? Shoot us an email! (Shipping begins on April 18, so be sure to grab us before then.)

 I hope you’re as excited as I am about the changes. So thankful for every patient backorder customer. I’ve been overwhelmed by the excitement and buzz of our new line! – Hannah


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