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Modest Swimwear Tips! - MOD Sportswear

Hello MOD family! Today I am hoping to dive deep into the world of modest swimwear with all my tips from 27 years of modest swimming. I started swimming at around two years old I grew up with a pool and my parents have always owned a boat. I have tubbed, jet skied, swam, jumped, ran all while in a skirt.

One mistake I have made in years past is waiting till the last minute to get clothing I am comfortable wearing. It is super essential whenever purchasing to evaluate, "Is this something I truly love and will wear for years." So before summer is in full swing, before it is a week before your vacation, I hope to shed some light on the comfortable swimwear options.

First and foremost, before I even think about the clothing, I think about SPF. It is super important to find an SPF that will work for you and your skin type. There are hundreds of studies showing the damage of not wearing sunscreen. You can protect your skin for years to come, combined with proper clothing and limited exposure to the sun. 

My current SPF favorites: 

Cerave ultra-light moisturizing lotion SPF 30: I use this in the morning, and then reapply a plain sunscreen throughout the day. It is lightweight and does not sting around the eyes, which I appreciate! 

O'Keeffe's Lip Repair SPF 35 Lip Balm: I've never burnt my lips, but I imagine the pain would be awful. It doesn't taste weird and leaves my lips feeling super hydrated. It is also very affordable, and I have a hard time paying a lot for lip care due to my dog's track record of eating chapsticks. 

Neutrogena Beach Defense Water-Resistant Body Sunscreen Stick: So this is like sunscreen deodorant. I use it mostly because I don't have to get sunscreen all over my hands, and I've read the "mist" sunscreen isn't as effective. I'll be honest; my husband does not enjoy this sunscreen; he says it is greasy. I think it is oily, but it doesn't bother me, I have just found it to protect my skin.  


Clothing options

I will start with the base layer, and I am going to speak from personal preference. I want the least amount of layers on my base as possible, haha. I don't want anything thick or bulky. I wear a two-piece, full coverage bottom and a comfy top. If you have never tried a bikini top that doesn't tie around your neck, you're missing out.  

Base layer tops: 

Bralette Bikini Top: I own this one, and recommend sizing up. Also this a "juniors" so it is a smaller fit. But if you are a smaller build like me, it is super nice and sleek.


Ribbed Bralette Bikini Top: I don't own this one, but I may end up purchasing it by the end of this blog post. Why do I think this is a good option? We all know a soaking wet top really doesn't do anyone any fairs. It's important to remember the colors of the base layer in case your shirt because of more translucent than you anticipated. This peachy, flesh color is an excellent option for lighter skin tones. 

Women's Underwire Bikini Top: This is another top that I do not personally own, but this would work exceptionally well. 

Women's Crisscross Swim: Amazon find! Another one that looks supportive and is a fair price. 

Baselayer bottom:

I think this will be different for each person. I also purchase full coverage bikini bottoms. This helps me to feel comfortable and secure. Again I don't want my base layer to have ruffles or a lot of texture because I want a seamless layer underneath. 

Top Layer: 

I am a huge, massive fan of rash guards; they are all that I swim in. A rash guard is simply a shirt designed for protecting your skin from getting burnt, and also, they dry extremely fast.

J.Crew Rash Guard: J.Crew Rash Guards run pretty small. I am usually an extra-small or small and have found I need a medium. I love the quality and fit. I wore mine all week at the beach and have had it for over two years. 


Body Glove Short Sleeve Rash Guard: I own three of these. I will suggest getting a darker color. I purchased the light blue, and after a summer of wear, it is starting to show through. I bought the olive green last week to replace it. They are super lightweight, extremely comfortable, and protect your skin. The fabric is pretty thin, so just keep that in mind. 

Rash Guard Short Sleeve Zipper: I also just purchased this one to try out, I've never tried a zipper in the front or something with the ties on the side. I thought the ties might be good for tubbing or any water activities. 



We are super excited to have a few "Boardwalk" SportSkirts available. The Boardwalk is one of my favorites, I also bought one for my mom whenever they were released last year.


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