5 Weirdest Things Ever Seen While Running

5 Weirdest Things Ever Seen While Running - MOD Sportswear

He sat there just staring at me as if he was clearly expecting me. One thing was for sure, I was not expecting him. For a couple seconds neither of us moved. Then I continued on my run and the alligator continued looking at the world with his annoyed grin. After passing this alligator on my run in South Carolina, I began to wonder what crazy things people have ever seen while on a run. I did some research and after many hilarious and ridiculous running stories later, I made a list of the 5 weirdest things ever seen while running.

5 Odd Running Sights

  1. Sometimes your car/garage gets a little dirty, and you needs to bring out the dust devil outdoor vacuum. But rarely does an animal require the same type of cleaning care. However on a run a woman named Allie Burdick saw a woman vacuuming a horse…
  2. It’s not uncommon to get pregnancy type cravings while on a run. You body is hungry and your mind might obsess over the taste of a whole milk latte extra foam or some other very specific food during a race. This is not exactly what Alex Beecher had in mind when he was chased by a cow during an ultra marathon. After this threatening experience, I can’t imagine Beecher craved any whole milk coffee drinks for a while. No cows and no milk; neither are good for running.
  3. Runner’s high is no joke. Sometimes on the trail, you might see joggers overcome with joy, laughing uncontrollably because runner’s high hits athletes at inopportune times… usually in the middle of your run. People have seen this many times.
  4. On Sunday, March 19th, 2017 72-year-old Bill Harrison ran a qualifier for the Boston Marathon in a trash bag. It kept the rain off his upper body. Job well done.
  5. Every year runners line up to compete in San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers race. But don’t be fooled, this seemingly normal race set up is
    actually the weirdest, funkiest, foot race that humanity has ever created. For example people dressed as salmon run the race upstream, ‘from finish to start.’ Runners linked to a rope often travel in pairs of 13 and call themselves the centipede. It is even a tradition to dress up as a giant pink gorilla. It is safe to say many weird things are seen at this race.

Finding the motivation to run can be difficult! Sore muscles, cramping, and shortness of breath are all factors that keep us from running. Instead you can let odd and wacky running sights be something that keeps you coming back to the track! Find the motivation to run and also find the craziest things!


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