5 Healthy Food Hacks

5 Healthy Food Hacks - MOD Sportswear

I know it's hard to eat a salad for the umpteenth time & not resent it a little. You can't wish a healthy meal to taste like a donut, but you can hack your meals so you're not stuck eating the same thing over & over again.

Here's our favorites!


1. Got pancakes? 

We've gotchu, boo. These two-ingredient pancakes are healthy, easy & delicious! Our favorite recipe for these includes a few more than two ingredients (shout out to you PB2), but the basic recipe is 1 egg, 1 banana. Best part is they are mom AND kid approved! My 1 year old LOVES them! Here's the full recipe blog: Kim's Cravings



These brownies are brought to you by AVOCADOS! It's a perfect treat to splurge on with none of the guilt afterwards. Here's our full recipe blog: The Healthy Maven


3. We scream for ice cream...

We have a confession, this blog is basically our hacks for sweets...because we just LOVE sweets! But seriously, how delicious does this ice cream look?! Mouth-watering, we know. This is yummy Strawberry Coconut Banana Ice Cream. You can find it here: Tasteful Venture


4. All of the pasta, with none of the pasta!

We absolutely love pasta. All the creamy goodness, & the bing-worthy carbs. Oh it's one we definitely try to stay away from, but now you don't have to! This is creamy butternut squash alfredo, & it will make all your pasta dreams come true. Here's our favorite recipe: Joyful Healthy Eats


5. Pepperoni Pizza!

I'm sure you miss this guy the most if you're eating healthy. So here's our healthy twist on one of the very best food creations out there. Cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza! Here's our favorite recipe: Our Best Bites


Do you have any favorites you want to share with us? Email the team at marketing@modsw.com!

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