2022 Spring Wholeness Box

2022 Spring Wholeness Box

Spring Wholeness Box 

We have exciting news! Our 🌸 Spring Wholeness Box will be available for pre-order on Monday, February 7, 2022.

The MOD Wholeness Box was created to help our 💪 community build and meet their spiritual, physical, and mental goals. We release a curated 📦 box with limited edition prints, custom shirts, and products the MOD team loves each quarter. 

So what can you find in the Spring Wholeness Box?
What moves mountains? Faith and we want everyone to hold this close to their ♥️ heart. Our t-shirt this month is a comfy relaxed fit in a matching color to the skirt. The shirt has a beautiful quote on the front that reads, "Faith moves ⛰" (mountains.) Also, we have included our logo on the back of the t-shirt! 

Next, you ➡️ choose the SportSkirt style or FlexSkirt, and both are featured below. We finish off the box with three of our favorite products. A classic eos lip balm, the MOD team's favorite Paper Mate felt tip pens and a notebook whose mountain-esque pattern will remind you to keep your faith high. 

Orders open on 02.07.22, and the wholeness boxes will ship in March. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions! 

Our Wholeness Box comes with three fantastic options and will ship out four times a year.

Option 1- Annual Membership. Each Wholeness Box will be $75.00. You will be charged a one-time yearly fee of $300.

Option 2- Seasonal Membership. Each Wholeness Box will be $84.00. You will be charged an automatic quarterly payment of $84.00 before the box ships to you each season. 

Option 3- One Time Box. Each Wholeness Box will be $94.00. You will be charged the one-time payment and will not be enrolled in a quarterly subscription.

Let’s talk about ADD-ON items! Each season MOD will release a new Wholeness Box which will feature different ADD-ON items. You will have the option to add on an impression SportSkirt, an XPression FlexSkirt, or an additional t-shirt!


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