Your Surprising Feedback.

Your Surprising Feedback. - MOD Sportswear


Your feedback is music to our ears, and what an odd, yet delightful arrangement it was. We were shocked by the feedback, but not altogether disappointed. Thanks to all who participated. You’re feedbacktastic.


Regarding the length of the next line of SportSkirts:

Many of you kindly declared, “perfection!” —- thank you! The ‘Longer v Shorter’ battle was settled by 2:1 vote.  This was such helpful information!


Regarding adding compression leggings to the next line:


Clear winner here. I think the mid-calf compression leggings will be a huge hit for the crossfit junkies and gym rats.


Regarding color for the next line:


Wow – was this a close race. At one point, three colors were tied for first. I almost didn’t add red to the list because I thought so few would prefer it. The more I think about it, the more crazy I feel for not adding it with confidence. The TOMS I wear the most? My red ones. Not because I own a lot of red clothing, but because in my mind – red goes with everything. Red is definitely a solid choice. We’ll make a more definite decision once more feedback is received.


Regarding the Instagram handle:


Scandalous! Too many of you don’t follow MOD on IG! You definitely should – we do Instagram-exclusive giveaways! In fact, just two days ago, the lovely @laribethb won our super cool Sports Bottle. We post everyday. Posts vary from humorous memes (mostly about food), meal prep inspirations, words of encouragements, and the sporadic “Oh-hey-we’re-having-a-sale” post.


Regarding listening to music whilst you workout:


What I infer from this graph:

About 14% of you watch Netflix while you workout.


This feedback in invaluable! Thanks to so many of you for your contribution!

Have additional feedback? Email us at!


Blessings to you!


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