What’s Worse Than A SportSkirt Backorder?

What’s Worse Than A SportSkirt Backorder? - MOD Sportswear

Probably this. Definitely this.

Think of it this way – backorder is really just future happiness.

Over the last several weeks, MOD has blown up – in a good, but unprecedented way. Backordering started almost immediately. I’ve come to joyously report that – what was going to a be a 12 week waiting period – has turned into closer to a 7 week waiting period. We’ve managed to cut off almost two months  – praises! Be looking for your SportSkirt order closer to the end of July!

During the next several weeks, some of you will slim down, change your color preference, or decide you  need an extra skirt. We’ll do our best to accommodate your order changes.Simply email us us to send in your order requests. (See, isn’t backorder glorious?)

Also, some of you have reached out about buying bulk orders for various reason – vending, distributing, church orders. That’s great!  We make the bulk-ordering effortless (on your end). If this is something you’ve been consdering, hop on it! While we’re excited about our July shipment, we know it’ll be gone in a jiffy! Email us now to secure certain sizes and colors for your group.

All the best!



P.S. ——-> Be on the lookout for a few new products about to surface. One of them will rock your socks.


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