The Adventure Collection!

The Adventure Collection!


Let's talk Adventure Collection! Here are MOD; we believe in supporting women to achieve great things. The adventure collection is for our passion, wanting our gear to hold up to our challenge. 

Rock Climbing. 🧗‍♀️
Down-Hill Skiing. ⛷
Weight Lifting. 🏋️‍♀️
Backpacking across the country. 🥾
Your skirt, your rules. 

 Currently, there are four skirts in our Adventure Collection. 

1) The OG, the Exploration SnowSkirt. SnowSkirts are insulated for warmth and waterproof protection; we never want you to question what you wear on your next skiing adventure. 

Need some gear to pair with your SnowSkirt, no problem! 

  • Sorel Snow Boots are perfect for any snowfall and marvelous on ice! 
  • Eddie Bauer - down parka. Super warm while also easy to pack! 
  • Knit Carhartt Beanie - is a great way to keep your head warm, easy to layer, and super cute! (At least that's what all the cool kids say.) 


2) The FlexSkirt that started it all the Heather grey XFit FlexSkirt! Built-in leggings, comfort waistband, and hidden cell phone pocket. What more could you want!?


 What do we like to pair with the Heather grey XFit? 



3) Next, we have the Black XFit FlexSkirt lite! This skirt has a thinner material than the Heather Grey, but we think you will love it just the same!


Some wish items for the Black XFit?


Last up is our XPression X1 FlexSkirt! Our most recent release, and definitely a crowd favorite! 


  • One of our favorite colors to pair with the X1 is GREEN! This beautiful Green Sweatshirt is a perfect fit for the X1.
  • Hiking boots, the X1 is literally BEGGING someone to take it on an adventure 
  • This sweet and feminine blue top would contrast beautifully with the X1 


Don't forget to check out all these items on our website! 

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