Spotlight: Rebekah Gilmore

Spotlight: Rebekah Gilmore - MOD Sportswear
Meet Rebekah Gilmore. Rebekah is an
all-star marathon runner,
an important part of MOD, a quality friend,
and most of all a top notch life lover!In this Spotlight, Rebekah will share with us
some of her running secrets, her fun-loving personality, and how her running journey goes hand in hand with her spiritual journey.


Rebekah, if you could describe your personality as a wild animal what would it be and why?
Does a squirrel count as a wild animal? I think a squirrel is self explanatory but if you need more check out my Instagram! 😂😂
Go to Starbucks drink?

Dark roast with cream. But not right now due to starting up training again – so it’s just a cup of dark roast!

What is the reason you workout?

I’ve always liked to stay active and healthy but I’ve always needed a goal to work towards. Before coming back to God I was considering doing a fitness competition and working towards that. My life was changed by a friend (Mod’s own CEO) inviting me to a 5k hosted by my now church – The Orchard UPC. I had never ran before that day. I enjoyed the race and more importantly the people there! It was like a door had opened in my life and God began dealing with me. I always think of that day because without that 5k I don’t know if I would have walked back through a church door. So fast forward five years and running is just so special to me. It’s my alone time with myself and God. It brings a physical representation to the spiritual race!

You recently ran the… Chicago Marathon! WOW! Tell us your reason for running.

Well, I like to challenge myself and the half marathon while challenging just seemed so attainable. Before I toed the line for my first marathon this October, I had finished 5 half marathons! I decided to run the marathon to further push myself, push myself outside my comfort zone. Now I’m already registered for 2018 and ready to improve my time!

Is cereal soup or salad?

Soup. Definitely soup.

running secrets
Toughest thing while training?

The time commitment! I had to really learn to manage my time and some things had to be sacrificed. Sometimes time with friends! It taught me what things truly mattered in my life

Funnest thing while training?

Meeting so many amazing people in my run group and charity marathon team! It made the whole experience so much better! It’s why I love
running, the people you meet!

Do you have a workout slogan?

Gosh, I wish I was cool enough for a slogan. I just turn my random thoughts into hashtags, and the majority of this year #marathontraining was the only thing on my mind.

What one piece of advice would you give running beginners? Running Secrets?

Find a race that looks fun to you and set that as your goal! Go ahead and register for the race and put it in your calendar! If you have something to look forward to you will make time to train… especially if money is already invested!


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