Spotlight: Brittany Haggstrom

Spotlight: Brittany Haggstrom - MOD Sportswear

Don't let your current situation hold you captive. Check out our latest spotlight candidate, Brittany, who is doing inspiring things for her health! We think she just rocks our skirts!


If you could describe your personality as a season, which season would it be, and why?

Spring: Cool, Positive and Friendly.

How do you take your coffee or tea if you drink either?

Strong and unsweetened. 


What is one of your proudest accomplishments in life so far?

I’ve never been able to do one single push up in my life. Now, I’m able to do them without any hesitation. 

What inspired you to become an advocate for a healthy lifestyle?

Four months after we got married, we found out my husband had testicular cancer. Doctor visits along with the medical bills kept piling up. However, we continued to eat unhealthy foods until one day we said enough is enough. At our heaviest, we weighed 801lbs combined. When you’re tired of being sick and tired, you’ll do something about it. 


Are you a Target or Walmart gal?

Walmart any day. 


What is your go to coffee place? 

Mozart’s Coffee in Austin, TX which happens to be on a lake. 


What is your biggest pet peeve?

Dirty dishes in the sink!! If I come over to someone’s house and there’s dirty dishes in the sink, I will proudly do them. I LOVE a clean sink!


Who's always in your corner whenever you need encouragement?

My sweet darling husband! He has been a huge part of my weight loss journey. He has continued to inspire me while on his own journey and achievement of losing 152 lbs (and still losing!) 


What has been your favorite part of 2018 so far?

Being able to do activities with family and friends comfortably without having my weight restricting me! 


Do you have a favorite quote or slogan?

Promise yourself to never compare your journey to someone else’s. You are right where you should be. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could have 5 years ago?

To focus on my step two rather than someone else’s step thirty.


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