Spotlight Blog: Myka Snyder

Spotlight Blog: Myka Snyder - MOD Sportswear

This month we are talking with Myka, she is a senior in high school and attends Connection Pointe Church in Indiana. She is active in sports while maintaining her passion for modesty! We are so excited to bring this blog post to you! Enjoy learning more about Myka and be encouraged!


Your IG feed shows a passion for all things sports and we commend you for doing it with excellence and modesty! When did you first start growing an interest in sports?

Since I can remember my parents have enrolled me in sports in hopes that I would develop a passion for one of them. I started dancing/gymnastics at the age of two, tee-ball at the age of 4, and volleyball at the age of 8. My interest in tee-ball lead me to my Parks and Recreation softball league. I played parks and rec until the age of 12, and then I began playing competitively on a travel league. I also played volleyball up until my sophomore year in high school, I took a break to focus on my favorite sport- softball and my academics. I decided to play volleyball again my senior year as well. 

What is your favorite sport to play? 

My favorite sport to play is softball. I love the thrill of the game, sliding in the dirt, diving in the grass, eating sunflower seeds, fierceness, comradery within the team, how unexpected plays can be, and how many possible outcomes there are every time a ball is put in play. I play center field. Many people cannot stand to play the outfield; It is a slower pace game out there. I love visualizing every hypothetical outcome of every ball hit into fair territory. 


When you are not in athletic wear, what is one of your favorite things to wear?

My teammates always laugh because when we dress up for a game, they say I'm “already dressed up every day.” I typically wear dresses that I find on online boutiques. 

If you could describe your personality as a Starbucks drink what would you be?

I would say a pink drink. I'm feminine, full of color, and I love to laugh. 

What was your favorite memory of 2019 so far?

My favorite memory of 2019 is spending my summer in Spain. I met friends that I will have a lifetime, I learned an immense amount of Spanish, and I grew as an individual. 

As a senior in high school what would say is the biggest struggle for your age group?/ How do you believe you can overcome it? 

The biggest struggle within our age group is conformity. My biggest thing I try stressing to young ladies that view my content on social media is that it's okay to be different. Kids our age want so badly to fit in and be “popular”. I always remind myself that living right and being a godly example is a far better choice than any choice that makes society tell me I'm cool. I struggled with self confidence in middle school because being different was the most difficult at that time of my life and kids were the least understanding. 

What is current favorite song?

My current favorite song is Wait on the Lord by James Wilson

In five years, where do you hope to see yourself?

In five years I hope to see myself with a four year degree in biology or chemistry & applying to dental school! I hope to attend IUPUI for dental school.

What is one thing you would like to leave our followers with?

I remind myself every time I am negatively approached by my modesty that Matthew 5:10 says, “ Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. - KJV

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