Spotlight: Amy Crossen

Spotlight: Amy Crossen - MOD Sportswear

Meet Amy Crossen. Amy is a brand new member of the MOD Squad, an IBC graduate, a marathon runner, & a classy Target girl.

She's fun, relatable, & absolutely gorgeous! 


If you could describe your personality as a wild animal what would it be, & why? 

Honestly, I am a giraffe and not because I am tall. I once read that giraffes will go days without drinking water. Instead, they dedicate their time to seeking out plants with the highest water content. They want quality over quantity. I have a terrible habit of not purchasing an item until I find the "perfect" one. So, like a giraffe, I always find myself grazing looking for quality. 


What is your go-to Starbucks drink? 

Apple Chai. When it was removed from the menu, I was devastated. Sometimes, I can find a seasoned barista to make one for me. You can also create your own at home with chai concentrate and apple juice/cider. 


What is one of your proudest accomplishments in life so far?
Walking across the platform at my graduation from Indiana Bible College. I cried so hard one of my contacts fell out. I never imagined in all my life  I would've made it from upstate New York to Indiana, let alone standing there holding my diploma. 

What inspired you to get into modest fashion? 
Growing up I was constantly trying to find modest clothing. Instagram wasn't around and facebook had just opened up to non-college students, so finding out about modest companies was extremely difficult. Today, I want to make sure that every young girl in my church or who follows me on social media knows that you can do anything, in a skirt. Not only can you do anything in a skirt, but you can also enjoy it. I love the ability to be modest, comfortable and athletic all at the same time. 


Are you a Target or Walmart girl?  

Target, the dollar section gets me every time!


What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?

Ugg boots and short skirts or shorts. It is contradictory to everything, the weather and your body temperature.  


Who's always in your corner whenever you need encouragement? 

My husband, he never ever lets me settle. I honestly believe he thinks I could do anything I set my mind too. 


What was your favorite part of 2017?

On November 4, my father in law, my husband, and I completed our first full marathon in Indianapolis, IN. Although, I wish my marathon was my favorite moment, it was the night before that I will never forget. There is a little Italian restaurant in Indy called "Mama Carolla's" my husband and I found it on a whim. Down town Indy was packed and every place with carbs was not taking names and booked until 8pm. We ended up stuck in a parking garage, catching an uber with a retired art collector from upstate New York, who dropped us off right in from of Mama Carolla's. That night my husband and I were surrounded by his parents and brother along with my best friend and her husband. We laughed and laughed, it was one of those moments you wish you could just freeze and stay there for just a little while longer. 


Do you have a favorite quote or slogan? 

It's a Crossen family quote "Whatever it takes" 


What's one piece of advice you would give yourself 5 years ago?

It will all, be all right.

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