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Most Common Gym Mistakes - MOD Sportswear

New gym members often worry about committing common gym mistakes. They are just learning what a treadmill looks like or how to adjust the squat racks. The last thing gym novices want to do is look stupid in front of all those large mirrors. However, in the modern age of athletics, scientists are well aware of the most popular gym errors and the knowledge is now too widespread. No one makes expected mistakes, instead they leave the little things unattended for. They end up falling into unexpected traps, and making the most uncommon gym mistakes.

1. Gym Towel

Everyone remembers to bring their change of clothes to the gym. Forgetting to bring a change of socks and underwear is probably the number one option on a list of common gym mistakes on some other website. But the average gym go-er is very cognizant of this. They would never do such thing. Instead the member ends up forgetting to bring their towel.

Its happened to the best of us, that embarrassing towel-less walk to your gym locker where your entire wardrobe hangs on the gym hook. Your entire wardrobe may be there, but no towel.

2. Accidental Incline

The goal is a 9 minute mile. Now an amateur might just guesstimate the treadmill speed. Not a true runner, they have done their research. An experienced runner gets to the gym and sets the speed to 6.7 mph. Go time. However after 3 minutes the runner is dead tired and drenched in sweat.

This is the accidental incline mistake. You forgot to check the settings. The runner before you set the treadmill to a .25 incline. You have spent the last 500 meters running up a hill.

3. Water Bottle

An expert gym member looks forward to the end of their workout because after the gym, it’s recovery shake time. The beverage is chocolate flavored, thick with vitamins, and coats your mouth with a general feeling of satisfaction. There is no way the gym goer skips out on this rich beverage. They come prepared.

But far before you reach for your protein powder, somewhere in the middle of your work out, the roof of your mouth is dry. You go to grab your wattle bottle, but in your haste to remember the recovery drink, you forgot your pink water bottle. This is the most common uncommon gym mistake. Working out is tough but rewarding, so is reading this blog. Use this promo code: UNCOMMON20 to get 20 dollars off the pasta and pancake running shirt. The code is valid until July 2nd at midnight. 

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