March Madness - 10 Terms to Make You Look Like You Know What's Going On

March Madness - 10 Terms to Make You Look Like You Know What's Going On - MOD Sportswear
March Madness is right around the corner, & if you're anything like us here at MOD, you need some help keeping up with the game & all that crazy terminology. Here's a crash course for you so you can watch AND be informed:


1. Layup

A layup is a one-handed shot made from near the basket, especially one that rebounds off the backboard.


2. Screen


A screen is an offensive strategy in which a player without the ball stands in the way of a defensive player. The offensive player must remain stationary during the process, or a moving screen will be called and the result will be an offensive foul and a turnover.


3. Assist

An assist is when a player passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score.


4. Crossover

A crossover is a basketball maneuver in which a player dribbling the ball switches the ball rapidly from one hand to the other, to make a change in direction.


5. Rebound

A rebound is when a player from either team retrieves the ball and gains possession after a missed shot.


6. Block

A block occurs when a defensive player stops an offensive player from making a shot by blocking the ball with his or her hand(s).


7. Steal

A steal occurs when a defensive player legally causes a turnover by his positive, aggressive action(s).


8. Foul

A foul is an infraction of the rules more serious than a violation. Most fouls occur as a result of illegal personal contact with an opponent and/or unsportsmanlike behavior. 


9. Flop

A flop is when a player attempts to draw a foul on an opposing player by acting, fabricating or over-exaggerating the extent of contact.


10. Slam Dunk

A slam dunk is a shot in which a player thrusts the ball forcefully down through the basket.


Now you can yell at the screen & no one can call you on it. You know what's up.


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