Just Don’t Do It

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Just Don’t Do It

What workout hack have you NOT heard yet? How about this one – always, I mean, never shower before you work out.

Sounds like strange advice? Maybe, but who wants to get all stinky and sweaty after they’ve worked so hard to achieve that freshly clean, euphoric, nice-smelling feeling?

Not me. Never me. And probably not you.

On the days you decide to gym it up, save the shower for post-workout. Really make sure you’re good and stinky before you splurge on water and soap.

Plus, reserving the shower until after you exercise gives you an extra incentive to follow through. If  you want to maintain healthy relationships, you need to shower; and if you want to shower, you need to work out first. See the logic here? No workout = no shower = no friends. That’s a twofer – a workout hack and relationships hack. You’re welcome.

That’s all for today, but stay tuned for more fun tips.

Need a few more ways to make exercise bearable? These 3 things will keep you going strong.

And remember, adventure awaits…

– Camrie A

What do you think? Some scientist are advising us to shower less!

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