Five things to try in 2022!

Five things to try in 2022!

Five things to try in 2022!

1) A workout app that works with your schedule. Our team loves to streamline things and create a simple system that works for us. Using a workout app can help make a routine right at your fingertips. Here are a couple of our favorite apps, the Sweat App, obe workout app, Daily Burn Workout App


2) Monthly Reflection Journaling. Get yourself a cute journal dedicated to remembering the year. Here are some questions you could ask yourself at the end of each month. 

  • Monthly wins, look back over the month, and write down what you think a "win" is for a month. 
  • Review current habits and routines. You can even use this time to make new habits or a brain dump to incorporate in the upcoming months. 
  • Review your goals. Things you can ask yourself, did I achieve my goal? Did my approach work? Why or why not? Is it something I still want to pursue? How can I improve on actually getting it done?
  • One positive lesson that you learned during the month. 

Some other questions you could ask yourself...

  1. What went well this month? What did I accomplish? How does it make me feel?
  2. What didn't go so well? How can I improve for next month?
  3. What challenges did I face this month? How did I deal with them?
  4. What am I spending too little or too much time on?
  5. What didn't go as planned? And how can I improve on it?
  6. List 5 things that made you feel most grateful this month.

3) A new "scent" for the new year! Are you interested in finding a fresh scent to wear throughout the year? We love using Scentbird to try out different scents and then find out if we like them or not.

4) Update your face care routine. We love excellent and consistent face products, and here are a couple of our favorites! 


5) Try a new recipe! The MOD team loves this soup, Sausage Tortellini Soup. It is perfect for a cool winter night and is a crowd pleaser. 




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