Back to School with MOD!

Back to School with MOD!

Back to school means the end of summer and a new academic year ahead to tackle! Transitioning from summer mode back to school mode can be challenging! I wanted to share a few of my favorite school essentials, apps, and tips with you all! 

To stay organized, I love the Full Focus Planner. This planner is great for people that love to-do lists and like to structure their time! As a college student, I feel much less overwhelmed when I plan with my Full Focus Planner. Another amazing feature of the Full focus is that you write the months; there's no need to buy or start using the planner at any certain month of the year. 

If you prefer your tasks to be on your mobile device, an organizational app I also love is listed in the app store as the Homework App. This app allows you to color coordinate your classes, create a to-do list, and set a due date for an assignment. You can even attach a picture of the completed assignment! By turning on the notifications for the app, you can be notified and reminded to complete the assignment. As a student-athlete, I had to figure out a system that would work for me to remember my upcoming assessments; this was a personal favorite. 

My personal favorite study app is called "Quizlet." This app has virtual flashcards to allow for memorizing and studying. I have used Quizlet to prepare for tests in any subject since I was in middle school, and I still use it to this day when preparing for college tests! Some of my teachers even created optional study options on Quizlet to help my peers and me succeed. Another one of my favorite educational apps is Duolingo! I recommend this app to anyone struggling to learn a foreign language or anyone who wants to learn very quickly! I use this app to touch upon my second language, and I also used it in high school to advance my vocabulary. 

Some of my favorite essential back to school items:

Backpack - The North Face "Jester" Backpack!: Super comfortable, and a clean and modern design that will last for years. 

Pens - Papermate flair felt tip pens (color coordinating helps me memorize): Making study time easier and more efficient!

Highlighters- Gel sharpie (also perfect for bible reading- doesn't leak through pages): I love using these and especially with how gentle they are on pages. 

Pencils- BIC mechanical pencils: My favorite pencils and this large pack will keep you in stock all year. 

Notebook- Five Star 5 subject college ruled advance spiral notebook with pocket dividers: Great for keep notes and studying for upcoming test and quizzes. 


I love a good cup of coffee and this is one of my favorite recipes for cold-brew this is something quick and full of caffeine in the mornings! 

Need a back-to-school outfit? MOD has you covered! I love the Sedona SportSkirt for back-to-school because it is so versatile and looks great with a white tee and white sneakers! 

Some of my favorite white tees!

Target A New Day Short Sleeve Tee

Old Navy EveryWear Knit Tee

Amazon Relaxed Fit Crewneck T-Shirt 

A MOD SportSkirt!

The Sedona SportSkirt from MOD will be available 08.06.21 on our website!

Some of my favorite white sneakers!

Nike Court Vision Low Women's Sneakers

Advantage Adidas Sneaker

Time and Tru Women's Platform Sneaker



Hoping you have a great year!


Written by: Myka Snyder

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