7 Ways to Be Kind to Humankind

7 Ways to Be Kind to Humankind - MOD Sportswear

This week is Be Kind to Humankind Week. It's a simple reminder that in a crazy world with so many opportunities to be critical, we can choose to be kind instead. People need people. We can make the world a better place if we can recognize when we're needed. Even complete strangers could use a kind gesture. You may just brighten a day, or make a new friend!

Here's some ways you can participate in this week of kindness!


1. Send a kind text.

It's not incredibly difficult, & it may mean the world to someone. Send a quick text reminding your friend you think they are amazing at their job. Or a reminder that they are a beautiful human being. Send your family members a text letting them know you love them & are so thankful they're in your life. Challenge yourself to text a couple people every morning during Be Kind Week!


2. Give out a hug.

Sometimes a hug is all you need to feel better. If you see someone struggling, give them a hug. It's a nice reminder they're NOT alone in this life. Challenge yourself to hug one person each day of Be Kind Week!


3. Buy someone dinner.

Take a friend out for a meal. Order pizza & have it sent to your neighbor anonymously. Catch the cashier before your buddy can pay when already out to dinner. This small gesture is such a fun way to show someone you care. What better way to bond than over food? Challenge yourself to make a night of it with whomever you take out for free food during Be Kind Week!


4. Give a gift.

This is always my favorite one. It's awesome getting a gift, but something about giving one feels just as great! If you're really close with someone, this might be an easy task. If you're wanting to surprise someone you're not as close to, you can enlist the help of their family members to make sure your gift is spot on. Challenge yourself to give gifts to people outside of your usual circle. It's a great way to make good friends into great friends.


5. Hand out compliments.

This won't cost you a thing, & it's so easy to do! All you have to do is find something you like or admire about a person, & then, TELL THEM! It can even be a complete stranger! It's like throwing a handful of glitter everywhere you walk. Challenge yourself to compliment one person in each room you walk into during the week. 


6. Help someone out.

Find out how you can help someone with their to-do list & cross those tasks off! It might take a little elbow grease, but it will make someone feel extra loved! Challenge yourself to do one task on someone else's list every day of Be Kind Week.


7. Encourage someone.

If you see someone struggling, or you know that they could use a word of encouragement, let me know you're cheering them on! It might make all the difference in the world if they know you believe in them. Challenge yourself to encourage at least one stranger this week!


Have a great week, & here's to hoping all your acts of kindness are returned ten-fold!

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