6 Tips to Keep Those New Year's Resolutions

6 Tips to Keep Those New Year's Resolutions - MOD Sportswear

December 31st: Make New Year's resolutions

January 1st: Implement New Year's resolutions

January 31st: Give up if I haven't already...


This is my yearly routine. Anyone else?

I've done some research on the best tips out there to keep my self-made promises. 


1. Set REALISTIC goals.

Losing 50lbs in 2 months, or spending no more than $50 at Target per trip, or even exercising 2 hours every weekday may be in the unrealistic goals category. Set goals that even Dream Crusher can't poke holes in.


2. Make your goals public.

TELL EVERYONE! You're going to be motivated to stay on track just so all 450 of your Facebook friends don't see you fail.


3. Be specific.

Don't bite off more than you can chew. Be specific in what & when you want to achieve those goals.


4. Start with small changes at a time. 

You have to kill off your bad habits slowly, so start with one at a time. Otherwise, you're going to be cranky, out-of-sorts, & feeling like you're living someone else's miserable life. 


5. Track your progress.

Keep a daily log of all the progress you're making. Writing things down will help you stay on track, & make you feel fancy. 


6. Set smaller goals & earn rewards!

Set smaller goals within your larger goal & reward yourself when you achieve them. Like little checkpoints along the way! Just don't reward yourself with something that would hinder your goal..i.e. The goal to not spend so much money at Target should not be rewarded with a shopping spree at Target. You get the point.


Just don't give up. Even if you fall off the wagon, don't let yourself stay there. Don't be "all or nothing". Be as much as you can, every day.

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