2018 Gift Guide for the Exercise Enthusiast!

2018 Gift Guide for the Exercise Enthusiast! - MOD Sportswear

Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life who really seems to enjoy long runs, heavy weights or a significant amount of sweating?

These gifts are perfect for a gym partner, teacher, friend, family member, or neighbor that you see skipping out of their house heading to the gym!

1) Springs Ear Bags! I have been using the same pair for over four years. They are small and can easily be stored in a jacket or purse. I wear them whenever I go outside to exercise. They will never mess up your hair, and protect your ears from the cold! 

Springs Ear Bags, $15.95, amazon.com

2) Feetures! My favorite socks, hands down. I bought a pair for everyone in my family last year. At my first half marathon, I realized what a mistake cheap socks are. Now I only wear feetures to run in. They last wash after wash, are super comfortable and have proven themselves over and over again.
Feetures, $12 - $15, amazon.com

3) The Foam Roller, we love to hate you foam roller. Foam rollers knead out your muscles and are great for muscle recovery, pain relief, and improving flexibility.
LuxFit Foam Roller, $13.95, amazon.com

4) Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt! Perfect for relaxing sore muscles and helping you unwind. 
Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt, $4.89, Target

Hot or Cold neck wrap! Cradles your neck and shoulders. Relaxing and rejuvenating. Durable, ultra-soft fabric. Filled with 100% natural herbs of lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, and peppermint. Use this almost daily!
Sharper Image Massage Body Wrap by Sharper Image, $13.49, Target 

6) MOD Gift Card! The perfect gift for any gal on your list!
MOD Sportswear, $5.00 & up, modsw.com 

7) The Shoe ID, the Shoe ID connects to the laces on your sneakers. This contains your name, and contact info. In case of an emergency first responders can get in contact with your family if you do not have your ID or phone on you. My whole family has a road ID, since a majority of the time, we run without our ID or phone.
The Shoe ID 19mm, $20.00, RoadID.com

8) Spotify, did you know you can give Spotify gift cards? neither did I! Every fitness lover loves their jams! So give the gift of unlimited, ad-free music!
Spotify Premium, $9.99 per month, Spotify.com

9) MOD Sportswear water bottle, the MOD water bottle! Perfect for on the go!
MOD Sportswear water bottle, $9.00, modsw.com

10) Goal Getter: fitspiration gratitude + fitness journala guided journal designed to help you keep your goals moving in the right direction. There is space to log your exercises, food, and thoughts. There are also motivational thoughts throughout the book to encourage you in your fitness journey. 
Goal Getter, $16.95, getfitbook.com





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